FriendTrip by M.E. Carter & Sara Ney


Stars: 4 Stars

Release Date: December 22nd, 2015

Authors: M.E. Carter & Sara Ney

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.


“A best friend is someone you can trust; they make you laugh, they hold you when you cry… they drive you to the sex shop when you’re trying to spice up your marriage.”

Becky used to be “the fun one.” But after five kids, yes five, and ten years of marriage, she is becoming everything she swore she’d never be; complacent, content and boring in the bedroom.

Determined to spice things up her marriage, she leans on the one person besides her husband she can always count on for advice; her best friend Janine.

Outgoing and always outspoken Janine has issues of her own; she is tired of living the single life. After a bitter divorce leaves her struggling to find love again, she’s no longer content coming home to an empty apartment, and living vicariously through her best friends love life.

Online dating, confused husbands, and flirting with random porn stars lead to nothing but trouble. Because nothing with these two is easy—and nothing ever goes according to plan.

Ever. At all. Not even close.

If you are looking for a new feel good read, look no further: FriendTrip is for you. This book is laugh out loud funny, heartwarming and filled with many OMG moments.  It is a perfect blend of friendship, love, and coming to terms that things don’t always turn out the way we plan. Honestly, my first thought when I finished this book was ‘wow, this would make a fabulous movie’. Who can I talk to about that?

As for Becky and Janine, I FLOVE them!! I wasn’t always able to relate to them, but I connected to them 100 percent, and saw pieces of myself in both. Personally, their friendship makes this book for me. They push each other, encourage each other, and yeah, even embarrass each other. You can’t help but root for them every crazy step of the way.

Becky shows us that marriage and motherhood isn’t always a fairy tale, but is made up of many imperfectly perfect moments. That, and a ton of hilarious mishaps. Janine‘s journey with dating had me cracking up. There was the good, the bad, and the ugly. Well, mainly the bad and the ugly. I’m still laughing as I think about some of her dates. Which I can do, because I’ve been there too.

There is no sexy hero that steals the show- Janine and Becky do that on their own- but there is still a very lovable guy. Or two.

Now…I’ve read some books written by two authors, where it doesn’t work. Just because two people can both write well, doesn’t mean their work can be synchronized. That’s not the case with M.E. Carter and Sara Ney. Their writing styles compliment each others wonderfully, and the writing flows seamlessly. That, of course, didn’t stop me from trying to figure out who wrote what. Hmm.

FriendTrip will make you laugh. It will make you smile. It will make you want to book a trip to Vegas with your girlfriends. Most importantly, it will make you realize the trip through life isn’t nearly as fun without a bestie by your side.

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