Review: Kill Switch by Penelope Douglas

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Title: Kill Switch

Author: Penelope Douglas

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Dark Romance

Series: Devil’s Night #3 (Must at least read book #1, Corrupt before hand)

Rating: 5 Stars

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Sending him to prison was the worst thing I could’ve done. It didn’t matter that he did the crime or that I wished he was dead. Perhaps I thought I’d have time to disappear before he got out or he’d cool off in jail and be anything but the horror he was.

But I was wrong. Three years came and went too fast, and now he’s anything but calm. Prison only gave him time to plan.

And while I anticipated his vengeance, I didn’t expect this.

He doesn’t want to make me hurt. He wants to make everything hurt.


First thing’s first. Get rid of her daddy. He told them I forced her. He told them his little girl was a victim, but I was a kid, too, and she wanted it just as much as I did.

Step two… Give her, her sister, and her mother nowhere to run and no fuel to escape. The Ashby women are alone now and desperate for a knight in shining armor.

But that’s not what’s coming.

No, it’s time I listened to my father and took control of my future. It’s time I showed them all–my family, her family, my friends–that I will never change and that I have no other ambition than to be the nightmare of their lives.

Starting with her.

She’ll be so scared, she won’t even be safe in her own head by the time I’m done with her. And the best part is I won’t have to break into her home to do it.

As the new man of the house I have all the keys.

*Kill Switch is a romantic suspense suitable for readers 18+. It is advised to read Corrupt (Devil’s Night #1) and Hideaway (Devil’s Night #2) prior to reading this book. Both are available on Kindle Unlimited.



Wow. I’m still a little speechless right now.

I knew Penelope Douglas was going to make me think differently of Damon, but I never expected her to make me fall in love with him. He is a super complex character, and it was so interesting getting to go inside his mind. It’s all about perception, and Damon isn’t quite the person we think he is from reading the first two books. For the most part.

And to be honest, I’m a little in love with Winter as well. She was such a great character; Intelligent, brave, strong and vulnerable.

I don’t want to say too much and give things away, but Kill Switch is one intense read. It’s painful, gritty, dark, and oh so steamy. It gives some answers, and leaves you with a few more. It tugs on the heartstrings, and is unexpectedly quite romantic at times. It’s not what you will expect it to be, and is everything you didn’t know you need.

One thing I love about Penelope Douglas is she always make you think. Right? Wrong? Or maybe it’s a gray area with no one right answer. Things are not always what they seem. 😉 If you read any teasers that made you hesitate in any way, remember that!

This is one book that will be on my mind for sometime, and one I already plan to read again. Easily my favorite so far in the series!!!



ARC Review of Trust by Kylie Scott


Title: Trust

Author: Kylie Scott

Genre: Mature YA

Rating: 4 Stars

Release Date: July 18th, 2017

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Being young is all about the experiences: the first time you skip school, the first time you fall in love…the first time someone holds a gun to your head.

After being held hostage during a robbery at the local convenience store, seventeen year old Edie finds her attitude about life shattered. Unwilling to put up with the snobbery and bullying at her private school, she enrolls at the local public high school, crossing paths with John. The boy who risked his life to save hers.

While Edie’s beginning to run wild, however, John’s just starting to settle down. After years of partying and dealing drugs with his older brother, he’s going straight—getting to class on time, and thinking about the future.

An unlikely bond grows between the two as John keeps Edie out of trouble and helps her broaden her horizons. But when he helps her out with another first—losing her virginity—their friendship gets complicated.

Meanwhile, Edie and John are pulled back into the dangerous world they narrowly escaped. They were lucky to survive the first time, but this time they have more to lose—each other.



“You were going to give it up to Duncan Dickerson?” he sneered. “Are you serious?”

I halted, staring at him. This was not good. “How do you know about that?”

“Anders overheard you and Hang talking.”


“Well?” he demanded, acting all authoritarian. Idiot.

“To be fair, I didn’t know his last name was Dickerson,” I said. “That’s unfortunate. Though, I wasn’t actually planning on marrying him, so . . .”

“Not funny.”

I shrugged.

“You barely know the guy.”

“Um, yeah. None of your concern. We’re not talking about this.” How mortifying! My face burned bright. People should just gather around and cook s’mores. “I appreciate that we’re friends. You mean a lot to me. But this is going to have to fall under definitely none of your damn business, so go away please.”

“We’re talking about it.” He advanced a step.

“No we are not.” And I retreated.

“You were going to let a complete stranger touch you.” Advance.

Retreat. “People do it all the time. You do it all the time.”

“But you don’t,” he said, taking the final step, backing me up against the side of his car and getting all in my face. “Edie, this is your first time we’re talking about. Isn’t it?”

“Yes, and it’s going to be messy and painful and probably horribly embarrassing and I just want it over and done with.” I tried to meet his eyes but failed, settling for a spot on his right shoulder. “You’re not a girl; you wouldn’t understand. Also, last time I checked, you’re not the gatekeeper of my hymen, John Cole. So back the fuck off.”

He said nothing.

Deep, calming breaths. “Look, someday I’ll meet someone I really like and we’ll have a deep and meaningful relationship and go at it like bunnies. But I don’t want to be the dumb virgin in that scenario.”

He slowly shook his head.

“Also, I do not want to die a virgin.”

“What? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Hey, you and I both know death can occur at any time.”

“This is crazy.”

“I’m seeing a therapist!” I told his shoulder. “I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m a little bit messed up these days. It’s hard for me to trust people. That’s not going to change anytime soon.”

He screwed up his face at me. “Wha—”

“I’m just trying to be practical.”

“Well, you’re being ridiculous. None of this makes sense.”

“It does to me.”

Again, he said nothing.

In fact, he said nothing for so long that I finally looked him in the eye. The anger had left him, replaced by an emotion I didn’t recognize. Worst of all, he still smelled like summer. A little sweat and the open night air, everything I loved. Liked. I meant liked.

“What?” I said, finally.

He let loose a breath. “I’ll do it.”



I have one piece of advice for when reading TRUST by Kylie Scott.

Remember to exhale.

Seems pretty easy, huh? Well, I lost count over how many times I found myself holding my breath while reading this. It’s safe to say that some parts are pretty tense. And while it will have your heart racing, it’s also raw, romantic, bittersweet and tugs on all the heart strings.

I loved how authentic Edie felt. Not only all her thoughts and emotions during and after the robbery, but just how she is a teenage girl. Unsure of herself, and trying to figure out who she really is. Tough yet vulnerable. She has a good heart and a good head on her shoulders, yet at times doesn’t know her worth. It was heartwarming to see all her overcomes.

And John… swoon. It’s easy to think that John is the typical bad boy who turns soft for the girl, but that’s not the case at all with TRUST. John is heavily flawed, that’s true, but man, he has a heart of gold. He just might not realize that. He was, hands down, my favorite part of this book. There were so many levels to him and it was great seeing how much he changed from the beginning to the end. He was selfless, kind, funny, and even romantic. But most of all, he was a really good friend to Edie, when she needed it.

The relationship between the two is a slow burner. Obviously they have this connection, being in a traumatic even together, but their friendship starts off slow, and has it’s up and downs. And yes, as the friendship grows, there is an attraction there. Not to mention some serious sexual tension. And when they finally do cross that line? Well…. you’ll see. 😉

There are also some great secondary characters that really add to the story.

As much as I liked it, I do have a few minor complaints. They are minor and didn’t take anything away from the story at all, as you can see with my 4 star rating. 🙂 The one thing that did bug me a little was Edie didn’t always sound like a 17 year old. I’m not sure what it was. There were several times she used the word “properly” that just didn’t sound like something her character would say. John was a home run though!

The second thing was I felt one certain scene near the end was completely unnecessary. It felt like unneeded drama in my opinion, and the book already had enough suspense. I do know that others thought the scene was thrilling, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

This isn’t a lighthearted read. It’s not your typically romance, but it is a great, unconventional love story that I think everyone should read! It’s hard to say too much about this book, as I don’t want to give it all away.



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The Fabulist by Dawn L. Chiletz


Title: The Fabulist

Author: Dawn L. Chiletz

Genre: Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Rating: 4 Stars

Heat Rating: 4 Stars

All The Feels: 4.5 Stars

Release Date: September 20th, 2016



Fabulist (fabyələst): a liar, especially a person who invents elaborate, dishonest stories

After losing her job and her apartment, Samantha Wittaker takes a leap of faith when she tries out for The Fabulist, a new reality TV show promising a prize well worth the risk. Her sexy, tough as nails personality attracts more than just the attention of the producers. She also catches the eye of a couple of contestants as well as a hot, challenging cameraman.

The twists and turns of reality TV are like nothing she ever even imagined. Deception, danger, love and lust lurk at every turn.

Sometimes people lie. They lie to save themselves or to cover a truth. They lie to protect feelings or to protect hearts.

Not all lies are bad. Or are they?

Can Sam play the game or will the game play her?


What do you get when you take reality TV, mix it with forbidden love, throw in some twists and turns and add a whole bunch of creativity? The Fabulist by Dawn L. Chiletz.

Samantha “Sam” Wittaker is going through a rough patch. She recently lost her job and is residing on her best friends couch. So when Carmen, her best friend, suggests they try out for a new reality TV show, Sam is hesitate. This new show, The Fabulist, is not your typical reality show. You’re not there to find love, or try to survive on an Island- you’re there to compete in different challenges where you have to figure out what is the truth and what isn’t. However, the winner of the show receives a job and money.

Since Sam needs both those things, she agrees. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she has a knack for being able to read people.

But once she makes it on, she starts to realize the show, the challenges, and the other contestants are nothing like they appear to be. Throw in the fact she has a attraction to the camera man- a man who is off limits. Which is too bad, because Sam can’t deny the chemistry between them is sizzling hot.

Will she be able to keep her focus off Hogan and on the challenges? Or will her attraction blind her from the truth?

First of all, hands off to Chiletz for coming up with this concept. Not only did she create a completely original concept in The Fabulist, but also the really cool, mind twisting challenges the contestants have to go through on it. The creativity she had was incredible, and I was completely hooked. It’s really hard for me to thoroughly explain this show without giving too much away, but trust me when I say it’s nothing like you’ve seen.

 I loved how Chiletz has a way of describing things so you can picture it perfectly in your head, yet you can use your own imagination at the same time. The story flows really well, the writing is great, it held my attention the entire time.

I  also loved (and hated) the other contestants and I was super impressed how they all had their own voices and big personalities that never wavered.

Now let’s talk Sam and Hogan. Sam is attracted to him right off the bat, and it appears that Hogan is too. However, she’s a contestant and he’s the camera man, so it’s a big no no. However, since they are always around each other, a friendship starts to grow, filled with the most delicious sexual tension.

There are also a bunch of twists and turns in there that take you on a mind trip. Just remember, things aren’t always as they seem….

If you like romance that comes with suspense and mystery- something that really makes you think and form theories- this is the book for you.

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Her One And Only by Becky Wade


Author: Becky Wade

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Christian Romance , Romantic Suspense

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Heat Rating: 1

All the feels Rating: 4

Release Date: May 3rd

Copy kindly provided by Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.


After ten years in the NFL, superstar Gray Fowler is accustomed to obsessive fans. But when Gray starts receiving death threats from a stalker, his team hires an executive protection agency to guard him until the culprit is caught. Dealing with bodyguards 24/7 is a headache, especially when one of them is a young, beautiful woman. How can a female half his size possibly protect him better than he can protect himself?

Dru Porter is a former Marine, an expert markswoman, and a black belt–none of which saved her from disaster on her last assignment. In order to rebuild her tarnished reputation, she’s determined to find Gray’s stalker and, since relationships between agents and clients are forbidden, avoid a romantic attachment between herself and the rugged football player with the mysterious past.

Yet every secret that leads Dru closer to the stalker also draws her closer to Gray. As the danger escalates, they’ll survive only if they can learn to trust their lives–and their hearts–to one another


Gray Fowler, famous tight end for the Dallas Mustangs, is pretty surprised when he discovers one of his new (unwanted) body guards is an attractive female. Unfortunately, Dru Porter isn’t too surprised to see the reaction Gray has to her being a woman. As a former Marine and current executive protection agent, Dru is more than qualified, but knows she has to prove herself more than any man would. Since she loves what she does, she is willing to put up with her clients egos. Even Gray’s massive one, no matter how much he protests he doesn’t need her help.

They are quick to judge each other- Dru thinks of Gray as a stubborn womanizer, who doesn’t take anything seriously besides football. Gray thinks of Dru as a cold, uptight woman, who may be more stubborn than he is. But as Gray’s stalker becomes more and more aggressive, the two of them grow closer, and an unlikely friendship forms between them. A friendship that starts to feel like it could be more.

Her One And Only is touching, sweet, and filled with a splash of suspense. It’s a great enemies to lovers tale, that feels real and honest. It’s the kind of book that will make you smile as you read it, but also reflect on your own life.

I loved Dru. I thought Becky Wade did a perfect job with her. She is tough, independent, comfortable with her faith- basically the type of person you can’t help but root for. She also has some insecurities, like the rest of us, and at times is vulnerable behind her hard outer shell. Clearly she is selfless, since she puts herself on the line for another person for her career.

I also loved the character of Gray, even though at first he is almost the complete opposite of Dru. He is cocky, arrogant, doesn’t take anything besides football seriously, and is charming- using that fully to his advantage. However, Wade added more dept to him, giving him a rough back story, that makes you feel for the guy. Gray is actually a pretty good guy, a great friend, and even, dare I say, romantic at times? He defiantly grows on you. I love that he starts to accept his flaws, and works to change them. Not only for Dru, but for himself. To be a better man.

Becky Wade did a fabulous job with Her One And Only. Not everyone can create characters you connect with right away, but she manage to pull it off. Besides the romance of the book, I also liked the twists and turns with Gray’s stalker. It gave the book a little extra oomph. If you are looking for sweet romance, a book with a big heart, talk of faith, some sports talk and suspense, you need to check out Her One And Only. It is part of a series, though can be read as a standalone!

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During her childhood in California, Becky frequently produced homemade plays starring her sisters, friends, and cousins. These plays almost always featured a heroine, a prince, and a love story with a happy ending. She’s been a fan of all things romantic ever since.

Becky and her husband lived overseas in the Caribbean and Australia before settling in Dallas, Texas. It was during her years abroad that Becky’s passion for reading turned into a passion for writing. She published three historical romances with Avon Books, then put her career on hold for several years to care for her three kids, then recently returned to writing sheerly for the love of it. She felt led to move to the genre of contemporary Christian romance and couldn’t be more thrilled with it.

These days Becky can be found failing but trying to keep up with her housework, sweating at the gym, carting her kids around town, playing tennis, hunched over her computer, eating chocolate, or collapsed on the sofa watching TV with her husband.

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Can’t You See by Dawn L. Chiletz


Author: Dawn L. Chiletz

Rating: 4 Stars

Genres: Mystery, Crime, Psychological Thriller and Romantic Suspense.

Release date: April 1st, 2016

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.


Her Truth: Meredith O’Neal is a book editor who just moved into town. She doesn’t believe in happily ever afters.

His Truth: Devin Stone is an insurance adjuster who’s bad with people and doesn’t have any real friends. He’s tired of his boring day to day existence and is searching for a little excitement in his life.

Two stories – Two people. Nothing is what it seems.
Someone is a liar. Someone is wicked and deceitful but this time they might have gone too far.
Nothing is fair in love and revenge. Hearts will be broken. Lives will be ruined. But that’s all just a part of the game.
The cruelest burns don’t leave scars. Can’t you see? The truth is right in front of you. Just keep reading.

*Warning* This book contains graphic content that is both violent and sexual in nature and is not suitable for all ages.


Can’t You See takes you through a total mind trip, filled with twists and turns and blurred lines between what is real and what isn’t. This book is thrilling, consuming, and each turn of the page leaves you doubting what you just thought to be true. The ultimate story of he said/she said- I was completely addicted, unable to put it down until I had the answers.

Devin Stone keeps mostly to himself, is socially awkward, and isn’t exactly a ladies man. So when he meets a beautiful girl that seems out of his league, and she starts flirting with him he can hardly believe it. And while nothing with Meredith O’Neal is smooth sailing, he finds that he can’t walk away from her. She is equal parts charming and unbalanced. Sweet and manipulative. Then suddenly, Devin finds himself being accused of a horrendous crime- one he would never commit. Or would he?

Meredith O’Neal is new to the area, and is down on her luck. When Devin Stone enters her life, she thinks she may have found a new friend. But Devin seems to want more than friendship from her, and soon he goes from being nice to being utterly intimidating. Obsessed even. Before she knows it, Meredith becomes traps in a nightmare when the unthinkable happens to her. Or did it?

Can’t You See is uniquely set up, with the first portion of the book being from Devin’s POV, then on Meredith’s POV. There is also a third POV, Detective Riggs, the poor guy trying to figure out who is telling the truth. I really felt for the guy, since I was in the same situation. 😉

I have to applaud Chiletz for her incredible writing. To write a book that keeps readers on their toes, that has them thinking and rethinking about what they are reading, is not an easy thing to do. It’s well thought out, engaging, and was on my mind hours after I finished it. Her ability to make me believe and distrust both characters was pretty remarkable. I love when you can feel the author’s passion in their words and this is one of those instances. This was my first book by Chiletz and I think it’s safe to say she has a new fan.

So- who is deceitful? Who is the victim? Who is calculating their every move? Do you think you can decipher fact from fiction? Well, if you are in the mood to find out, pick up your copy of Can’t You See live on April 1st!

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