ARC Review: The Bed Mate by Kendall Ryan

1001 Dark Nights cover The Bed Mate

Title: The Bed Mate

Author: Kendall Ryan

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Release Date: November 14th, 2017

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I might be a typical guy, but these last few years, my love life’s been anything but. From crazy ex-girlfriends to one night stands who are stage-five clingers, my relationships go bad faster than the milk in your fridge. The only constant has been my best friend Maggie.

Fresh off a bad breakup of her own, I invite Maggie to my guy’s skiing weekend knowing she needs an escape from reality. But then something funny starts to happen. I start noticing things about her that I never noticed before.

She’s beautiful and doesn’t know it, she’s funny without even trying, and now she’s suddenly single for the first time in forever.

Sharing a hotel room with her proves to be the tipping point in our very platonic friendship. Suddenly I want to put my hands, my mouth, and my … other parts … all over her gorgeous body. I want to claim her, make sure no man touches her ever again. But then her groveling ex shows up, and Maggie’s torn.

Am I ready to screw up the best relationship I’ve ever had for a shot at something more?



Sam and Maggie met in college, and have been best friends ever since. They know each other like the back of their hands, and have been there for each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

So when Maggie breaks up with her boyfriend, Sam doesn’t think twice about inviting her along on his boys trip. What can go wrong?

Well, suddenly Sam is seeing Maggie in a new light. Everything about her seems different, yet she is the same old Maggie. Only now Maggie is making his heart pound and his palms sweat. Not to mention the fact he can’t stop thinking about kissing her.

But… it’s not possible she feels the same way, right?

The Bed Mate was sweet, funny and sexy. It was enjoyable, even though it was completely predictable. I thought the friendship between Maggie and Sam felt real, so authentic. Their playful banter and borderline flirty was fun, and made me smile.

I appreciated the different emotions and confusion that comes with crossing that lines from “just friends” to “more than friends”. And as always with Kendall Ryan, the writing was amazing.

I did have a few problems. Sam, while super swoony and witty, seemed too perfect at times. Too good to be true. And Maggie somehow seemed so oblivious to what an amazing guy he was.

But all in all it’s a fun, fast (novella), sweet read that will make you smile and laugh. A great read in time for the holidays!


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