Somewhere In Between by Shirl Rickman


Author: Shirl Rickman

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Release Date: April 26th, 2016

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.


The art of romance is dead…

Tessa Collins loves people. She loves her job, loves her family—and on most days, loves her crazy best friend, Chad. Determined and independent, Tessa believes in love; she just doesn’t believe romantic love really exists anymore. Real love is for fools.

Jaded and closed off: That’s what they say about Lenox Malone…

He believed in love once; loved his girl, loved writing—Lenox loved romance when the whole world believed it was dead. But then he was scarred by it, and alone. Finally moving past the pain love ignited inside him, he never wants to risk being jaded again.

A journal and a chance encounter…

When the handwritten words of a lovesick stranger find their way into her hands, Tessa’s heart begins to… open. To flutter. To grow. To invite inside her weary heart the possibility that perhaps romance and true love really do exist. But can it exist for her? Can a chance connection and fate’s design unlock one of the greatest love stories of all?

Their own.


Romance is not dead, and I’m thankful to Shirl Rickman for writing a book that proves it. Somewhere In Between is a sweet, touching tale that tugs on the heartstrings. It’s pretty impossible to read this without a silly grin on your face or an ‘aww’ escaping out. This book is an insta-feel good read, reminding me of how I feel after I watch classics like You Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping.

Tessa Collins spends the majority of her time working- which consists of helping others in need. When she has a free moment, she is usually with her best friend Chad, or going on blind dates that Chad has set up for her. Dates that Tessa finds lackluster at best- and while some of the guys are perfectly nice- she is looking for something more than just nice. Like most women out there, Tessa starts to believe that the life changing, time stopping, earth moving type of love doesn’t exist in the real world. Then she finds a journal. A journal filled with the words of a man, that are romantic enough to soften even the most critical person. She makes it her mission to find the person that wrote those entries.

Lenox Malone is the man behind the words, but he isn’t who Tessa expects to find. Once a man head over heals, he freely wrote down his feelings and emotions, positive that true love overcomes everything. Thanks to a bad break up, Lenox doesn’t feel the same about love. He also has zero interest in receiving the journal that holds the foolish words he once wrote and worse, believed. Now, if only he could convince the crazy woman that found his journal of that.

Through a series of bantering E-mails, Lenox feels this explainable connection to Tessa, a girl who doesn’t believe in romance or true love. And even though Lenox himself has no interest in going down that path again, he finds himself wanting to prove to Tessa that she is wrong. And perhaps, that he is wrong too.

Their relationship is one filled with romantic gestures, soft kisses, intense chemistry and pink post it notes. Not to mention, there may or may not be love letters involved. Yes, love letters. Talk about swooning! I can’t say I ever received a love letter before, though I did get a love (strongly over-exaggerating there) video once, which consisted mainly of this guy calling me a “cool chick”. Which is why the world needs more guys like Lenox, who is the perfect book boyfriend.

I love how Rickman wrote both Tessa and Lenox. Tessa reminded me a lot of myself, and I was instantly connected to her and rooting for her happy ending. I loved that even though she didn’t believe in romancing, she was willing to give it a try. Then there is Lenox, the guy who is guarded but still soft as butter. Who has a huge heart, and even though it may have a crack in it, he still tries to listen to it.

In addition to Tessa and Lenox, I thought the supporting characters were really fun and lovely as well. First of all, Chad, who is Tessa’s best friend. I found myself wishing he would get his own book the more I got to know him. You also meet Sammy, Chad’s friend, who is kind of clueless yet surprisingly insightful. Perhaps the best part is getting to see both of the main character’s relationships with their moms.

You guys seriously have to read Somewhere In Between- Shirl Rickman has created this super sweet, super special book that you won’t want to miss. She completely captivated my attention with her words and details- leaving me with the feeling that I was the star in a rom-com. There are a few twists and turns along the way, but I won’t get into those, since I believe they will be much more enjoyable with no warning. 🙂

 Be sure to check out  Shirl’s Facebook page (link at the top of the page) for more information on her books and any upcoming projects. Which I hope is soon!

Find Somewhere In Between on Amazon– free with kindle unlimited.

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