Can’t You See by Dawn L. Chiletz


Author: Dawn L. Chiletz

Rating: 4 Stars

Genres: Mystery, Crime, Psychological Thriller and Romantic Suspense.

Release date: April 1st, 2016

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.


Her Truth: Meredith O’Neal is a book editor who just moved into town. She doesn’t believe in happily ever afters.

His Truth: Devin Stone is an insurance adjuster who’s bad with people and doesn’t have any real friends. He’s tired of his boring day to day existence and is searching for a little excitement in his life.

Two stories – Two people. Nothing is what it seems.
Someone is a liar. Someone is wicked and deceitful but this time they might have gone too far.
Nothing is fair in love and revenge. Hearts will be broken. Lives will be ruined. But that’s all just a part of the game.
The cruelest burns don’t leave scars. Can’t you see? The truth is right in front of you. Just keep reading.

*Warning* This book contains graphic content that is both violent and sexual in nature and is not suitable for all ages.


Can’t You See takes you through a total mind trip, filled with twists and turns and blurred lines between what is real and what isn’t. This book is thrilling, consuming, and each turn of the page leaves you doubting what you just thought to be true. The ultimate story of he said/she said- I was completely addicted, unable to put it down until I had the answers.

Devin Stone keeps mostly to himself, is socially awkward, and isn’t exactly a ladies man. So when he meets a beautiful girl that seems out of his league, and she starts flirting with him he can hardly believe it. And while nothing with Meredith O’Neal is smooth sailing, he finds that he can’t walk away from her. She is equal parts charming and unbalanced. Sweet and manipulative. Then suddenly, Devin finds himself being accused of a horrendous crime- one he would never commit. Or would he?

Meredith O’Neal is new to the area, and is down on her luck. When Devin Stone enters her life, she thinks she may have found a new friend. But Devin seems to want more than friendship from her, and soon he goes from being nice to being utterly intimidating. Obsessed even. Before she knows it, Meredith becomes traps in a nightmare when the unthinkable happens to her. Or did it?

Can’t You See is uniquely set up, with the first portion of the book being from Devin’s POV, then on Meredith’s POV. There is also a third POV, Detective Riggs, the poor guy trying to figure out who is telling the truth. I really felt for the guy, since I was in the same situation. 😉

I have to applaud Chiletz for her incredible writing. To write a book that keeps readers on their toes, that has them thinking and rethinking about what they are reading, is not an easy thing to do. It’s well thought out, engaging, and was on my mind hours after I finished it. Her ability to make me believe and distrust both characters was pretty remarkable. I love when you can feel the author’s passion in their words and this is one of those instances. This was my first book by Chiletz and I think it’s safe to say she has a new fan.

So- who is deceitful? Who is the victim? Who is calculating their every move? Do you think you can decipher fact from fiction? Well, if you are in the mood to find out, pick up your copy of Can’t You See live on April 1st!

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