WeddedBliss by M.E. Carter & Sara Ney


Authors: M.E. Carter and Sara Ney

Rating: 4 stars

Release Date: February 12th, 2016


“A wedding is a joyous time; a time to celebrate love and relationships. A time to begin a new life with the one your heart has chosen. It’s also the time your best friend becomes an absolute nightmare as you plan your wedding…”

Remember fun and outgoing Janine? After a string of disastrous online and blind dates, she has finally found the love of her life in the place she least expected it: work. With a new engagement and an impending wedding, life couldn’t get any better for Janine and her fiancé, Dan…

Between a pile of destroyed wedding invitations, and too much champagne during one too many dress fittings, Becky is quickly becoming “Maid-of-Honor-zilla.” But with her best friend’s nuptials looming—and little time to plan—she is determined give Janine the gift of WeddedBliss and the wedding of her dreams.

Even if it kills her. Or Janine.

Or both.


WeddedBliss is the icing on the [wedding] cake to FriendTrip. This quick read was filled with laugh out loud moments, cringe worthy situations and  the hysterical bickering between Janine and Becky.

WeddedBliss starts off where FriendTrip left off, and I was eagerly awaiting to see what happens to Janine and Becky. While FriendTrip dealt with navigating through dating and keeping the romance alive, WeddedBliss is all about a wedding. Becky’s Janine’s wedding, to be exact. Yes, while Janine is the one with the engagement ring and the new finance, Dan, it’s Becky that is making all the decisions to Janine’s growing dismay.

Just like in FriendTrip, this book also focuses on the two leading ladies, which once again is so refreshing. I love their relationship. Even when they are butting heads, they still care deeply for each other. You know how they say you fight with the ones you love the most, well that is Becky and Janine. Since the two of them can’t stay out of trouble, you just know the wedding planning can’t be all smooth sailing. In addition to their crazy shenanigans, Janine also has to deal with her soon to be in-laws. Side note, but I also loved how Jeraminah and Dan form their own friendship. I guess they are the only ones that know what it’s like to put up with those two, so it’s better to stick together. And probably safer too.

Carter and Ney did not disappoint with this book. Once again, both Becky and Janine have strong voices and point of views. Their writing was flawless and meshed really well together. The storytelling was perfect, never once did I feel like anything was rushed or felt like a scene was dragging on for too long.

Weddedbliss will make you laugh and will leave you with a heartwarming feeling. It might even leave you missing Janine and Becky. And if you’re like me, you will also have a huge craving for some cake.

You do not have to read FriendTrip before you read WeddedBliss, but I strongly recommend it. If you haven’t read my review of FriendTrip, check it out. You can find WeddedBliss on Amazon and Goodreads.


M.E. Carter

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Sara Ney

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