5 Authors You Need To Be Reading In 2016

It’s a new year, and if you’re like me then you’re always looking for some new authors to add to your 1-Click addition. Because there is no such thing as too many books, right? 😉 Luckily for you, I have some suggestions.





Miranda Kenneally

Friends to Lovers. Enemies to Lovers. Opposites attracting. Love again after heartbreak. Family issues and internal conflict. You will find that and so much more in Miranda’s books. Miranda is one of my favorite YA authors, and her books are some of my ultimate feel good reads. Her books are a companion series, though each one can be read as a standalone. Strong female leads, swoony guys, fun banter and humor is included.

What’s next for Miranda: Defending Taylor will be out July 2016. I can’t wait!


Huntley Fitzpatrick

Huntley is another YA author, but if you are thinking that means her books are light and fluffy, think again. Dysfunctional families, being disappointed by the ones you love, and struggling to figure out who you really are/ who you want to be are some of the things you will find in her books. The characters are flawed, and that makes them so lovable and real. Then there is the romance, which is truly ‘aww’ worthy. All are standalones, though My Life Next Door and The Boy Most Likely To are connected.

What’s next for Huntely: I don’t see any upcoming new releases, but hopefully there is news soon!



Sara Ney

If you haven’t read anything by Sara Ney, you need to change that, stat! Her fresh, original NA books are filled with flirty fun, steamy scenes and characters that steal a little piece of your heart. Oh, and humor. Did I mention how hilarious they are? I’m not talking about the occasional chuckle out loud, I mean laugh so hard that I’m holding my stomach as tears fill my eyes. Sara’s books are all standalones, though her Kiss and Make Up series are companions and the same with the Three Little Liars novella series.

What’s next for Sara: Things Liars Fake will be out in February, as well as the novella companion to FriendTrip, written with M.E. Carter.


Shirl Rickman

Shirl Rickman is a new author, but her debut novel, When Destinies Collide, was absolutely fabulous. The book was a page turner, filled with twists and turns and characters that you can’t help but root for, and connect with. It made me laugh and tear up. It also made me realize that Shirl is something special, and is one to keep an eye on.

What’s next for Shirl: Her next novel, Somewhere In Between, will be out April 2016.


M.E. Carter

Gripping. Touching. Bittersweet. Romantic. Real. Funny. Those are all words I would use to describe M.E. Carter’s writing. Books that make you think- and make you feel deeply- are my favorite kind, and her books do just that.  M.E.’s books have characters with real voices, so they end up dragging you into this wonderful world she’s made. A world you can’t get enough of and don’t want to ever leave.

What’s next for M.E.: The novella companion to FriendTrip, written by Sara Ney, will be out in February.

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