Things Liars Hide by Sara Ney


Rating: 5 stars

Author: Sara Ney

Release Date: November 17th, 2015

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

There are a few things I can always count on when I’m reading a book by Sara Ney: I will be laughing out loud, there will be plenty of embarrassing moments that hit too close to home, and there will be a delicious hero that is pretty hard to resist. No matter how hard we try. And by we, I mean me and the heroine. Things Liars Hide didn’t let me down, if anything, it was beyond my expectations. The #threelittlelies series is quickly becoming my favorite thing ever. My cheeks are still hurting from all the laughing and smiling I did while reading it, so thanks for that Sara. 😉

Tabitha Thompson is hiding a secret- a big, juicy secret. A secret she goes through great lengths to keep, even from her family and friends. Unfortunately for Tabitha, Collin Keller has discovered what she is hiding, and he isn’t above using it to help him get what he wants- her.

First things first, I LOVE Collin. He’s charming, sarcastic, unexpectedly romantic and kind of a dirty talker. I can’t list all the times he made me melt.  This is my official claim on him, by the way. As for Tabitha, I connected with her right away. She has a really kind heart and even though she knows what her dreams are and wants to pursue them, she still has that self doubt we all get, especially when it comes to what loved ones will think. In true Sara Ney fashion, they don’t have that perfect meet cue- where time stops, the stars line up and everything is perfect. No, it was much more fun (and realistic) and had me squealing and groaning. I may have even been muttering things to Tabitha as if she could hear me. The chemistry between the two of them was undeniable and sizzling hot- the type of connection that made me grin like a fool and blush.

The thing that amazes me is that even though this is a novella, it doesn’t feel too fast paced or rushed. It flows perfectly and the fact it is so well written contributes to that. Both characters had strong voices and I loved Tabitha’s journey throughout the book. You also get the chance to catch up with the familiar faces of Cal and Greyson, from Things Liars Say (book one). I particularly loved the relationship Tabitha had with her brother Cal, as it reminded me a lot of my own with my brother. You also meet a few new characters, and I have to admit I cheered when I read the epilogue and saw who book three will be about.

You really don’t want to miss Things Liars Hide. There is a refreshing originality to it, natural humor, and characters that will steal a piece of your heart. It was a real struggle between wanting to turn the pages as quickly as I could, and trying to make it last so it wouldn’t end. Sara Ney impresses me more and more with every book she writes; I can feel her heart in her work. She has truly created some treasures with this series, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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