The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan


Rating: 5 Stars

Author: Kristen Callihan

Release Date: 11/1/2015

The Game Plan was sizzling hot from the start. Chapter one quickly grabbed my attention, and soon after that, my heart. Kristen Callihan wrote a story that felt so real, the characters are still on my mind after I have finished reading it.

Ethan Dexter (Dex) lives and breathes for his career- playing center in the NFL. He’s a wall of muscle, covered in tattoos, with his signature beard and man bun. And while he is a beast on the field, he is utterly sweet, thoughtful, and often the one his friends turn to for advice. Surprisingly, he doesn’t get a lot of attention from the ladies, though he doesn’t mind much. There is only one girl he has in mind anyway…

Fiona Mackenzie knows Dex. Kind of. He is the best friend of her brother and law, so while their paths have crossed time to time, she hasn’t given him much thought. What’s the point, when he’s not her type? Fi is caught off guard when she goes to visit her sister Ivy, Gray and her new nephew Leo, that Ethan is also there to give a hand. She finds herself strangely attracted to him, and they quickly fall into a steamy (and public) make out session.

All Ethan has wanted was Fi, and he can’t believe he finally has a chance to be with her. It’s not easy though. They live on opposite coasts and Fi doesn’t want to go there with the long distance relationship. And then there is the fact that Ethan plays football- Fiona has sworn off dating athletes. But she can’t deny the connection they seem to have, and how amazing they are together between the sheets. There is also the small issue of how he is causing her heart to feel something crazy. Ethan promises to keep her safe and protect her, but it’s not so easy with distance, insecurities the press, and leaked photos.

Okay, I have to say: I love, love, LOVE Ethan. He was like a giant teddy bear, the type of guy you might over look, then slap yourself for doing it later on. Romantic, caring, loyal and a dirty talker- all I can really say is thank you Kristen! The relationship he was with Fi is, well, swoon worthy. It happens fast, but feels natural and true. It starts off as a sexual attraction, at least for Fiona, but it doesn’t take long to see there is much more there. It’s not all a walk in the park, there are real struggles they face and stumble to get through, and my heart was pounding against my chest during those times.

The Game Plan is the 3rd book in the Game On series (is a standalone), and it was lovely seeing Anna & Drew (The Hook Up), and Ivy & Gray (The Friend Zone) again. I’m hoping there will be more in the series, or a spin off, as there were a few characters introduced that I’m dying to know more about. We’ll see! For now, this sexy, sweet, and laugh out loud book will be enough!

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