Rikki (Hart University, Book 1) by Abigail Strom


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Release Date: September 22nd, 2015

ARC received in exchange for an honest review!

I’m a huge fan of fan of books that have fights that turn into fighting between the characters, and Rikki sure delivered on that. This was my first time reading a book by Abigail Strom, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This book is cute, sweet and yeah, a bit cliche, which I didn’t really mind.

We first meet Rikki Eisendrath when she is 13 years old and is attending her first boy/girl party. When a game of seven minutes in heaven starts, Rikki finds herself in the closet with Sam Payne- the boy she is competing with for the top grade in the class. Sam ends up kissing her- her very first kiss- but when he doesn’t acknowledge it at school, she gets upset, picks a fight, and they don’t end up talking for a few years. I get that Abigail wanted to cause friction between the two, but I thought it was a trivial thing to hold a grudge over for so long.

Flash forward to their freshmen year of college, where Rikki and Sam discover they are put in the same dorm building. Putting their feud behind them (finally!) they call a truce and decide to become friends. Only they start to grow closer than either expected, when Rikki stays in his roommate’s bed (he hasn’t arrived yet) when her roommate has her boyfriend over, and in return, Rikki poses for him for his sculpting class.

I have to say, Sam is a really cute character. He is the type of girl most girls wish they could meet when they are 18 years old. He has his flaws, and isn’t perfect by any means, but that just adds a realistic dept to him. I felt Rikki was a very relatable character- she is still finding herself, isn’t completing confident around guys, and has some very real issues to deal with. As much as I enjoyed her relationship with Sam evolving, I also enjoyed the journey she takes with her roommate. When she first meets Tasmin, she is smoking in their non-smoking dorm room, and Rikki’s vision of the perfect roomie vanishes. Even more so when Tasmin starts kicking her out of the room so her boyfriend can sleep over. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Tasmin at first, but she grows on the reader, just as she grew on Rikki.

The reasoning behind my so-so rating is because I feel there were a few plot holes that were never patched up. One in particular is Sam’s missing roommate. They keep mentioning he hasn’t arrived yet, but near the end of the book it is several months later and he is still MIA. I get that Abigial wanted to have an excuse to make Sam have an extra bed, but it felt a tad unrealistic to me.

All in all this was a cute, fast read that does relieved on the feels. It’s the first in the series, and I will check out the other ones!

I will post the link to Rikki when it goes live!

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