Pretend It’s Love by Stefanie London


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Release Date: September 28th 2015

Arc received in exchange for an honest review

Paul Chapman is not looking forward to the wedding of his big brother Des. Not only will it be another opportunity for his family to nag him about marriage and children- two things not even on the menu for him- but he will have to see his ex girlfriend. Which would be awkward enough as is, but this ex girlfriend also happened to walk out of him after cheating on him with his cousin. Yeah, ouch.

Libby Harris is not looking forward to her phone ringing. She knows it will be another bar calling to turn down obtaining her uniquely flavored vodka flavors. After dropping out of med school, to her father’s dismay, she sent out on a business adventure that she found is not going to plan.

Then she runs into (literally) Paul outside the bar he works at, First, and like any good bartender, he soon has her spilling out her problems to him. He suggests she pitch her product to his brother, the bar owner. Libby is ecstatic- until Des turns her down as well. Feeling an odd urge to help her, Paul comes up with a solution that might end up helping them both out: they should fake a relationship. It would give Des a chance to get to know her, and once that happened he wouldn’t be able to turn Libby down. It would also solve the problem of Paul’s family nagging him if he did in-fact have a girlfriend.

Neither of them are looking for a relationship, but it suddenly starts to feel a little too real for them both. Flirting leads to a kiss which leads to neither of them being able to keep their hands off each other. But while they are both struggling to overcome past relationship issues, the date of their agreed break up is quickly approaching.

This book was really predictable, but I didn’t mind it all too much. It was a quick, fun read with the right amount of drama and tons of ‘aww’ scenes. The writing was really good, the characters had dept to them. They were strong and likeable characters with realistic flaws and weaknesses. And boy do they have chemistry. You can’t help but fall for Paul’s family as well, particularly his mother.

For more information on Pretend It’s Love, find it on Goodreads.


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