Top 5- Sports Edition

As a HUGE sports fan, there is nothing I love more than a book involving a hot athlete. It’s like morphing my two greatest loves into one thing. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, so I wanted to share a list of my top five*- maybe you’ve read them all, or perhaps this will help you stumble upon something new!

*It was really, really hard to cut this list to only five!


The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Featuring: Garrett Graham

The Deal is one of my favorite books, and Elle Kennedy is a freakin’ genius. What starts off as deal to get what they each want, (a tutoring session and grabbing the attention of another guy) Hannah, a music major, and Garrett, a hockey star, strike up a friendship that neither of them expected. The only thing more alarming than their new found friendship? When they start wanting more.

The Deal is steamy, witty, and unexpectedly heart wrenching at times.


The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan

Featuring: Gray Grayson

When Gray and Ivy start texting each other, they quickly become friends, and according to Ivy, friends is all they will ever be. When they finally meet each other in person, Ivy can’t deny that Gray is absolutely gorgeous. The more they spend time together, and the closer they get, Ivy starts to wonder why she ever put Gray in the friend zone. And that is exactly what Gray wants.

The Friend Zone is steamy and pretty much a roller-coaster of feelings.


The Mistake By Elle Kennedy

Featuring: John Logan aka Logan

Yes, another Off Campus book by Elle Kennedy! After meeting Logan in the deal, I was thrilled to learn the second book would feature him. When Logan hooks up with innocent freshmen Grace, he expects it to be like all of his others. However, they form a friendship, and he even starts to care about her. Then, after one major mistake, Grace cuts him lose. Unable to shake her off, Logan does whatever he can to try to get her back- and even though she isn’t sure it’s the best idea, Grace just may let him.

It would be a huge mistake (see what I did there?) not to read this sexy and charming book.


A Kiss Like This by Sara Ney

Featuring: Caleb Lockhart

This book will not be released until June 1st, but I had the pleasure to read it early. When sweet, shy Abby falls (literally) into moody, anti-social Caleb’s life, he never dreamed he might fall for her. When Abby first meets Caleb, his sarcastic attitude makes her mad. What makes her even madder is when she can’t stop thinking about how attractive he is. They find themselves wanting more than friendship, and Caleb would make a move… if he could stop being tongue tied.

Make sure you check it out on June 1st. This book is hilarious, adorable and filled with some pretty yummy scenes.


Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

Featuring: Sam Henry aka Henry

This book is a bit lighter than other books on this list, but Miranda Kenneally is one of my favorite authors and Catching Jordan is one of my favorite books. Jordan Woods is not your average girl- she is the quarterback of her high school’s football team. You would think being around hot football players all the time would be a blessing, but Jordan spends most of her time keeping her teammates in check, particularly her best friend, Sam Henry. She thinks she has her life in order: play football, win games, get into college. But when Henry drops a bombshell on her, she realizes she doesn’t know as much about life and love as she thought she did.

This book is sweet, heart touching and such a fun read.


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