Waiting On It Wednesday


Title: Bounce

Author: Noelle August

Release Date: August 25, 2015

I am beyond excited for the third book in this series, Bounce, to be released.  If you have not read anything by Noelle August, you need to start! Charming characters, flirty banter and unexpected tugs at the heartstrings- this series has it all. Each book can be read on its own, though I strongly encourage you to read them all- you won’t be sorry!

The first book in the Boomerang series is Boomerang, which features Ethan and Mia, who awake together after a night neither can remember. If you think that is awkward, it turns out they are also both competing for a single intern position at the Boomerang company.

The second book is Rebound, and features some familar characters from Boomerang- Adam, the CEO of Boomerang, and Alison, the ex girlfriend of Ethan. If that doesn’t complicate things enough, Alison is also the daughter of the man Adam is hoping to do business with.

So, so good! (Though I do have to admit I think book two is my favorite so far!)

Bounce will also star two familiar characters- Mia’s roommate Skylar, and Adam’s younger brother Grey.

For more information on Bounce, check out amazon and goodreads


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